The RUSACK brand is an original brand of handbags and accessories made of synthetic, vegan materials.
The company was founded in 2020, but the brand itself begins its operations and sales in 2021.
The brand was created with the help of the National Association for Entrepreneurship Support, thanks to which the first investments were made.
RUSACK bags and accessories are hand-sewn in Poland from synthetic and vegan materials.
Fittings are ordered from Italian suppliers of haberdashery.
The brand logo is a nymph appearing out of the water.

Our values

The RUSACK brand makes bags primarily for women. We value what is most beautiful in women and we want to emphasize it. Independence and individualism – which we try to express through personalization of products. Strength and endurance are manifested by the bold colors of the materials and the quality of the materials that have been specially selected to create a light but durable structure.

Through our products, we want to manifest awareness of the environment and our point of view to the effects of consumerism. With our bags, we give a choice, not only through personalization, but also through a conscious choice of ecological, vegan products that have a negligible impact on the environment.

The RUSACK brand is environmentally friendly. We value the environment in which we live. We want to contribute to reducing the negative effects of consumerism on the environment. We choose water-based textiles, partly made of recycled materials.

Despite the undeniable quality and aesthetic features, we deliberately do not use materials of animal origin, because we are aware of its impact on pollution and degradation of our environment.

The RUSACK brand gives good. By choosing our brand, you contribute to helping not only the environment, but also local communities and foundations. Every year, we undertake to donate 5% of the annual income to the selected foundation. We want to share the good with you, but also with the people who need it the most.

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