HAMPER BAGS is a mini collection of handbags inspired by the functionality of a hamper/ basket with ears incl. Spanish shopping basket.

The idea was born in 2016. Until 2020 it evolved to become the flagship model of the collection in its current version.

Hamper Maxi and Hamper Reg models are very demanding and not easy to ma make. Sewing these models exposes the bagmaker to many tests, which requires patience and precision. The process is not made easier, considering the fabric which is a bit hard to work with.

Hamper E completes the collection. Minimalistic version, but fully functional.

The Eco Watermased PU- Leather material from which the Hamper handbags are sewn, was produced according to specific guidelines.

The colors of the collection have been selected, taking into account all trends. They were picked to enhance and emphasize each stylization.

Hamper bags, considering their sizes, are extremely light, because of quality of the fabric. Its character and other features make Hamper bags durable i.e. resistant to scratches and creases.

However, its most valued feature is its eco-friendliness, because it is produced in processes that minimalize pollution, and the components are based on water, not as in most eco-leather -plastic.

The inside of the bag is made of alcantra/nubuck. It’s very pleasant to touch, delicate, but very durable, resistant to dirt fabric. It is completely recyclable.

All of the above features of the components, which the HAMPER collection is made of, create its unique character, style, and certain manifestation.


There is one more design planned to be addition to the collection, the most difficult one. Its implementation will make the HAMPER collection complete.

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